Dolphin Watching

First Trip:-       TIMINGS: 08:00 HRS TO 10:00 HRS
Second Trip:- TIMINGS: 10:00 HRS TO 12:00 HRS

SIDAB SEA TOURS giving you warm cheerful welcome to make your boat trip come true with watching dolphins.

Come and see dolphins and experience a thrill of a life time. The waters around Oman are filled with extensive marine life and one of the most familiar sights is thedolphins. Seen all around the year , dolphins make for exciting watching as they swim around and under fishing craft in search of tuna, mackerel and sardines. Dolphin can be found any distance from offshore. There is no single location which you are most likely to see cetaceans. While we are very successful in sighting dolphins there is no guarantee every trip sighting dolphins.

Timings: First Trip 08:00 hrs ( Duration 2 hours)
Second Trip : 10:00 hrs ( duration 2 hours)

Price: OMR 17.000 Per adults / OMR 10.000 child
under 10 years/ Child under 5 years Free.
Included: Transfer from the hotels / Light refreshment and snack on board
Minimum Passenger: 2nos.